COVID-19 America

When I recorded this piece a few days ago the butchers bill was only 8 times the number we lost on September 11, 2001. Today , a short while longer, it stands at 9 times that number.

Who Was that Masked Man?

We get hopeful reports that the “curve is flattening” yet the more recent reports say the “curve is bending”, and that is not flat.

In the interests of perspective, I offer some more positive aspects of this tragedy. We, the Americans, ultimately stand together, as in war, and as after 9/11. All partisanship seems irrelevant and any effort to capitalize on this event is at best in poor taste, at worst show remarkably poor judgment.

Recorded during a brief rest period during this national crisis, as well as a time of some personal challenges, I offer this unscripted 8 minutes as a marker for where we are this week in the year 2020.

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 America

  1. so appreciate your perspective, Pete. keep it coming…PS…you couldn’t sound more like Garrison Keillor if you tried!


  2. Sorry to hear about your father and his hip/rehab, but good on you for finding creative ways to keep his spirits up.

    It’s hard to wrap one’s head around how quickly the world has changed. Like you, I doubt it will return to what it was, but I have no clue what it will look like post-pandemic. I hope, at least, the world remains more still and quiet. Maybe we don’t have to keep doing things the same old way.

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