Radio Free Everett

“Radio Free Everett” has a Cold War feel to it, wouldn’t you say? But with the advent of in home devices that anticipate our needs, cell phones that track our movements and televisions that now prompt us to watch certain shows, I am feeling that Orwell’s Big Brother is indeed watching us and he is taking notes. We need to find a way to communicate without sharing all we have with the Powers that Be; Amazon, Google, and Facebook. The pity is we invited him in.

The Borg is Facebook
United States S Supreme Court

We jealously guard those protections from the government enshrined in the Constitution, yet apparently see no similar dangers from the very large corporations that have brought us search engines, social media and enhanced communication. All at a price I suggest. And it appears it is addictive.

What if the corporation and the state merge? I understand Mark Zuckerberg is exploring a run for the White House. He is in Iowa lately, a lot. We will be assimilated, resistance is futile.

Save yourself and your soul. Stop reading or listening this and turn the device off. You will be amazed how free you feel.

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