Dog Biscuits

Cousins Dieter, Rose, Uncle Steve and Waldo, Circa 1960

Dogs put up with a lot, particularly what people name them.

Imagine the what David Eitner, Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine comes across in his daily practice.  I casually mentioned to him the prevalence of pretentious names people give their dogs I have encountered and he had plenty to say. It is hard to think of Marysville Washington being a pretentious place, yet the dogs there apparently are saddled with the projections of their owners unfulfilled needs.

I expanded the scope of my poll and found a flood of commentary; from my old friends, current and former law partners as well as my extended family.

Peaches Wants Pie

Eventually people couldn’t confine themselves to dog names. My cousin Rose wrote in to tell me about a 3 day old boy brought in to her workplace by his comic  book parents who had dressed as Superman and named the boy Kael. Is that his home planet? It went downhill from there.

But mostly this is about dogs and what people name them; some creative, some not so much and many sort of not really fitting, perhaps out of frustration with their own lives. Why do all British bulldogs have to be named “Winston”?

One thought on “Dog Biscuits

  1. Well done my friend! Gave me a big smile remembering Skipper – still one of the best singing & talking dogs I have ever met (certainly worthy of an award IMO). We had a Chihuahua 1st named Beaner. My neighbors suggested that was not politically correct for me to be yelling out the back door, so he went thru life as Benny instead – one of our best dogs ever!

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