Copy? Right?

Hey there Star Trek fans, I know you are into the culture of outer space and prefer to live in the 23rd century as opposed to the 21st, but some of you have taken it too far. No, you can’t use Klingon’s and Vulcan’s in your own show without someone noticing.

This week I report on a copyright infringement case where some Star Trek fans thought it would be OK to develop their own film without permission from Paramount or CBS that owns the franchise. The case is Paramount Pictures Corp. v. Axanar Productions Inc. filed in Federal Central District Court in California. From the complaint:

“Prelude to Axanar is directly and unabashedly intended to be a derivative work of Star Trek, or a Star Trek work, and uses numerous copyrighted elements from Star Trek works. Prelude to Axanar tells the story of Captain Kirk’s hero, Garth of Izar, during the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.”

Sounds like the lawyers have bought into the 23rd century as well.

My podcast boldly begins with encounters in the streets of Seattle with Star Wars wanna be’s – none of whom appear capable of such a tremendous transgression as producing their own knock off feature film. We end with a commentary about the vastness of podcasts on Star Trek.

It is not a 5 year mission, instead it is only about 19 minutes.

So resistance is futile. For the record and to comply with the law: This has been a STAR TREK FAN PRODUCTION.

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