Everyone Needs A Theme Song

What is it about the first eight notes of the lead in music for Star Trek  that gives us goosebumps?

My former law partner, Lisa Micheli, posted this image 13730859_10209818543398132_2572911081153539037_oshe says is of us on my birthday this year. Goosebumps again.

The snap was taken during our 18 year mission to explore strange new dimensions in family law, to seek out and discover new court orders and new court forms and to boldly go where no lawyers had gone before.

I thanked her for referring to me as “captain” and suggested we needed a theme song, something like we all feel when we stuck here in the Alpha Quadrant hear those initial eight notes of Star Trek;  It feels like Courage, Fidelity to Duty and Ones Comrades, Freedom, all wrapped up in the epic journey of Mankind through space.

So why shouldn’t everyone of us have our own theme song? We can listen to it on the road or have it played when we walk into a room, like we were being introduced on The Tonight Show or something.  Our own signature melody. Our own heroes anthem. It only takes eight notes.

Too grand? Ok, maybe we should just buy the Star Trek music and drive around pretending we are in outer space.

But if I am limited to that music alone, I would also like that command chair with the buttons. Definitely with buttons.




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