The American Revolution was a Mistake

seven years war

The American Revolution was a mistake. I mean, golly, George III just thought it right we ought to chip in for our own defense against the French and their Indians in the Seven Years War. Now, he went about it in a heavy handed way, violated principals set down in Magna Carta and the English law that followed, but still, did we really have to come to blows?

At the commemoration of the 800th anniversary of King John placing his seal on Magna Carta this year in London, the Right Honorable Lord Neuberger of Abbotsburg, President of the British Supreme Court pointed out to us assembled there at the opening plenary session the United Kingdom really does have a more democratic system than the USA. Lord Neuberger

No inflexible constitution providing the grist for judicial review and rejection of Congressional acts, no Executive to veto acts of Parliament. They just have a powerful legislative body, and if they get out of step an election is called and they are thrown out.

With the possible exception of Baseball being an improvement on Rounder’s and Cricket, ( note the empty seats in this photo ) I wonder if he isn’t right and the American Revolution was a mistake.


Maybe they will take us back?

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