My Grass Trimmer: I Shall Fight No More Forever


The epic of the Nez Perce tribes retreat came to me as I struggled through a second season with this machine. The events of 1877 have the same ending as my purchase of this product in 2012; surrender in 2013.


Rather than the U.S. Cavalry, my nemesis is the winding the spool. Clear, and direct instructions do not make up for a near impossible task. Wind both spools then thread them through opposite apertures as one thrusts the spool into the tool, the snaps on the orange cap.


The result is a machine that either does not feed the thread as one works or feeds it so fast the spool must be rewound at least once during the effort.

There is talk of a recall. I am afraid it is too late for that. I am tired of fighting and I will look for a replacement in the spring.

For now winter comes, my children are hungry and need blankets. Looking Glass and the War Chiefs are dead. My heart is sick and sad.

From where the sun stands now, I shall fight no more, forever.


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